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ICEMC is an international conference covering research in engineering mathematics and computing. The 3rd International Conference on Engineering Mathematics and Computing (ICEMC 2020) will be held in Haldia, India on 05 February to 07 February 2020.
The conference seeks submissions from academia, industry, and government presenting novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of various field of information technology and engineering mathematics.
Papers describing the application of IT and engineering mathematics in various multi-disiplinary research are also encouraged. Papers describing new methods or technologies, advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques and vision papers indicating future directions are also encouraged.


Computing Tracks

  • Intelligent Systems, Soft Computing, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing
  • Image and Video Processing, Human Computer Interaction, and Computer Vision
  • IoT, Bigdata Analysis and Cloud Computing
  • Computer Network and Security, Cryptography, and Data Hiding
  • Clustering and Data Mining, Wireless Sensor Network, VLSI Design

Engineering Mathematics Tracks

  • Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Set Theory
  • Analysis, Operations Research, Graph theory
  • Optimization, Modelling, and Simulation
  • Uncertain Theory and applications
  • Non liner Control, Sustainable Development
  • Coding Theory, Reliability