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List of Accepted Papers to be Published in Springer-Advances in Intelligent System and Computing Series
Abhishek Tiwari and Sanjeev Kumar Ojha. Real Time Intrusion Detection System Using Computational Intelligence And Neural Network: Review, Analysis And Anticipated Solution Of Machine Learning
Anindita Kundu, Partha Guchhait, Barun Das and Manoranjan Maiti. A Multi-Item Epq Model With Variable Demand In An Imperfect Production Process
Anindita Mukherjee, Oshmita Dey and Bc Giri. An Integrated Imperfect Production-Inventory Model with Optimal Vendor Investment and Backorder Price Discount
Arif Ahmed Sk, Debi Prosad Dogra, Samarjit Kar and Partha Pratim Roy. Natural language description of surveillance events
Arindam Roy, Kunal Pradhan, Samir Maity and Samarjit Kar. A Nature Based Crossover in GA for Solid Travelling Purchaser Problem
Asish Bera, Debotosh Bhattacharjee and Mita Nasipuri.
Pose-Invariant Hand Images for Human Identification 
Barun Das, Anjana Kuiri and Amalesh Kumar Manna.
An Application of FISM and TOPSIS to a Multi-objective Multi-item Solid Transportation Problem
Barun Duari.
An Ideal and Perfect (t,n) Multi Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Finite Geometry
Bidesh Chakraborty and Mamata Dalui.
Pre-Bond Testing of TSVs in 3D IC Using Segmented Cellular Automata
Partha Chowdhuri, Pabitra Pal and Biswapati Jana.
A New Steganographic Scheme for Image Authentication and Tampered Detection using (7,4) Hamming Code
Shanoli Samui Pal and Samarjit Kar.
Fuzzy time series model for unequal interval length using genetic algorithm
Shibaprasad Sen, Dwaipayan Shaoo, Mridul Mitra, Ram Sarkar and Kaushik Roy.
DFA Based Online Bangla Character Recognition
Showmik Bhowmik, Soumyadeep Kundu, Bikram Kumar De, Ram Sarkar and Mita Nasipuri.
A two-stage approach for Text and Non-text Separation from Handwritten Scientific Document Images
Soumen Roy, Utpal Roy and Devadatta Sinha.
Analysis of Typing Pattern in Identifying Soft Biometric Information and Its Impact in User Recognition
Soumen Saha, Utpal Roy and Devadatta Sinha.
Re-broadcast AODV(reAODV) Based Routing Protocol Modification Over AODV For VANET In City Scenario
Sourav Mandal and Sudip Kumar Naskar.
Solving Arithmetic Mathematical Word Problems: A Review and Recent Advancements
Souvik Dey, Sourav Chakraborty and Raj Rajeshwar.
An Efficient Image Encryption Method Based on Random Vectors
Sumana Mandal, Sarbari Samanta and Dipak Jana.
Novel interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller for Long-term load forecast modelling
Tanmoy Maitra, Subhabrata Barman and Debasis Giri.
Cluster-based Energy-efficient Secure Routing in Wireless
Sensor Networks
Tumbanath Samantara, Pradeep Kumar Tripathy and Saroj Kumar Mishra.
Study of Two Phase Boundary Layer Flow Over A Flat Plate With Electrification of Particles
Vijay Saw and Sushil Kumar.
The Approximate Solution for Multi-Term the Fractional Order Initial Value Problem Using Collocation Method Based on Shifted Chebyshev Polynomials of The First Kind
Yuyang Zhou, Zhaoqi Li, Fei Hu and Fagen Li.
Identity-Based Combined Public Key Schemes for Signature, Encryption and Signcryption
Note- In alpabetical order