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ABOUT THE SEMINAR   "Due to unavoidable circumstance final date is deferred to 30-31st January, 2015" - Sponsoring Agency - Department of Science and Technology

The seminar aims to provide a forum for eminent academicians, technologists and young researchers to exchange their ideas on the latest development and future trends in the fields of Synthesis, Characterizations and Technological Applications of Advance Materials. Eminent persons in the respective fields share their experience and knowledge with the participants, which in turn are expected to promote research activities in these advanced materials. This seminar will also provide the platform for investment and collaborations between Academia, R&D sectors and Industries. The seminar will be extremely useful in the sense that it will be attended by chemists, physicists and engineers making it truly interdisciplinary research on preparation, structure and other properties in the macro to nanoscale and their applications in the Bio-technology, Renewable energy, Green Energy, Photonics, electronics, and electrical engineering. The seminar will attract Business Leaders, Investors, Capitalists, Scientists and Government Officials to bring together in a common platform to exchange their expertise & experience.