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Renewable Energy Materials & Technologies

                Alternative Materials

                Plasmonic Solar Cell

                Quantum Dot Solar Cell

                Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Solar cell

                Thin film/Crystalline Solar Cell


Photonic Materials and Devices

                Nano-photonic Materials

                Laser and LED

                Photonic Crystal

                Photo-detector and Sensors

                Modeling, Simulation and Optimizations


Nano-Biomaterials and its Applications

                Nano-Materials in Bioscience

                Bio-imaging & sensing

                Biomedicine/Metallodrugs/Targeted Drug Delivery

                Food preservation

Engineered Materials for Industrial Needs

                Coating Materials

                Display Materials

                Polymer/Composites Materials

                Pharma-Industry based materials


Thrust Area Codes

RMT - Renewable Energy Materials & Technologies.
NBA  - Nano-Biomaterials and its Applications.
PMD  - Photonic Materials and Devices.
EMI  - Engineered Materials for Industrial Need.