Contents of Volume2, Issue:2A





 A Study on Customer Adoption of Smartphones - K. Soniya, P. Karthikeyan and S.Maheshwaran


Chemical Industries and Environment: Possibility of an  Economically Lucrative Symbiosis -AvikMukherjee


Comparison of Bi-Histogram Equalization Methods- Tanmay Sinha Roy


 Effects Of Organizational Culture On Employee’s Performance- Anil Kumar andSomaSharma


Experimental Analysis of Effects of Process Parameters on Surface Quality in Surface Grinding of Steel- NilabhaSankar Mitra


Factors Affecting Ethical Behaviour Of Employees In Different Higher Education  Institutions  In  West  Bengal AndItsRelevance: An Empirical Study - Wendrila Biswas and Arunangshu Giri



Green Housing: A Study of  Perception  and  Preferences  of  Property Purchaser in Kolkata, West Bengal -ManigribBag


 Green Marketing: Challenges and Strategy in The Current Changing Indian Scenario -Akash Bhattacharya


Hydro-Power Development for Sustainable Growth in India- M. N. Bandyopadhyay


Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Behaviour in Modern World –  A  Case  Study With  Reference  to  Retail  andConsumerDurables -  Mayukh Thakur



Jute Reinforced Bio-Composite using Euphorbia Latex as Adhesive -Pijus  Kanti  Khatua,  Gourisankar  Roymahapatra  and  Rajib  Kumar Dubey



Knowledge Management Implementation in Indian Power Sector (Generation, Transmission & Distribution) Organizations: An Exploratory Study - Niloy Biswas


Parametric Optimization of EDM Process on Mild Steel with Copper Tool using Statistical Techniques - Goutam Kumar Bose, Abhishek Kumar, Prakash Chandra Singh, Saurabh Agrawal, Sumit Kumar Gupta



 Problem and Prospect of Online Marketing: A Cross Sectional Study Based on

West  Bengal - Indrajit Ghosal



Production and Export of Mango Fruit in India: An Empirical Analysis of Vijayawada Mango Market - V VijayDurgaPrasad


Protecting the Interest of the Consumers - Initiatives of Fmcg Companies in India as Case Study - Subhro Banerjee and Sarup P Ghosh


 Solid State Electrolyte Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell: Stability and Device

Performance - Himadri  Sekhar Das and RajeshDas


18. Study the Pavement Performance Forecasting Models and Their Benefits in Road Infrastructure Management Systems - N. K. Yadav and Saikat Panja


Violation Against Women and Its Effect on Work Life Balance on Working

Women in India - Sumita Bhattacharya



Ceria Nanoparticles, a Mixed Valent Oxide Material- Soumitra Kar and Sovan