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Management Section



A Study On Consumer Satisfaction Of Online Banking Service At Sivagangai District - M. Malathi and R. Phuvaneshwari




The Excessive Job Stress Can Adversely Affect The Emotional And Physical Health Of Workers In Retail Textile Industry In Tirunelveli District - P. Jegatheeswari and M. Padma




The Impact Of Issues And Challenges On Cottage Industry In Rural West Bengal: An Empirical Study - Swatee Biswas, Arunangshu Giri and Debasish Biswas



Celebrity Endorsement: A Literature Review - Ranganadh S Emmadi




Consumers’ Perception On Sales Promotion Tools At The Time Of Making Purchase Decision: An Empirical Study - Adrinil Santra, Soumya Kanti Dhara and Debarun Chakraborty




A Forecasting Model For Relationship Between Electricity Consumption And Ambient Temperature: A Case Study In Kolkata - Nimai Sundar Manna and Binoy Krishna Choudhury




The Implication Of GST On Indian Economy: A General Introspection On Selected Area Of Importance - Kajalbaran Jana



Engineering Section



Comparative Study On Various Parameters Of Biodiesel With Synthetic Diesel Collected From Different Sources - Swati Ray, Tanushree Ghosh, Rahel Suchintita Das , Samadrita Mukherjee , Avinash Kumar, Archana Anand and Preeti Suman



Measurement Of Degree Of Rancidity: An Approach For Food Quality Evaluation - Sumita Das and Gourab Chatterjee



Design And Simulation Of A Pulse Width Modulated Rectifier - Sourav Tola, Dilip Dey, Ujjal Dey and Ayandeep Ganguly



Economic Load Dispatch Using PSO And Firefly Algorithm - Ayandeep Ganguly, Dilip Dey, Ujjal Dey and Sourav Tola





A Proposed Method For Detecting Broken Bar Location Of Cylindrical Rotor In Asynchronous Motors Using Angle-Axis Rotation Under Optimum Condition - Ujjal Dey, Dilip Dey, Sourav Tola and Ayandeep Ganguly



Science Section




Jute Fiber Graft Copolymers Euphorbia Latex Composites: Physico- Mechanical Studies - Pijus Kanti Khatua, Himadri Shekhar Das, Rajib Kumar Dubey and Timir Baran Sinha



A Comparative Study On Women Participation In Indian Parliamentary Election: Voter and Contestant - R. K. Dubey, P. K. Khatua, M. Sannigrahi and D. B.Talukdar


Development In Organocatalysis – The Green Chemistry Aspect; A Review Update - Nibadita Purkait and Gourisankar Roymahapatra